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Community Forums General Discussion Pros and Cons of DH in Literature projects Reply To: Pros and Cons of DH in Literature projects

Giannis Sifakis

Digital storytelling creates space for meaningful listening. Digital stories provide students with the opportunity to digest information in a meaningful way. This is particularly important in an age where people are bombarded with stories and information. Digital stories allow teachers to genuinely engage students in the story’s message.

Digital storytelling persuades the brain and the heart. Digital stories can teach students the value of emotional rhetoric, allowing them to explore new ways of acting or thinking differently. These stories can elicit emotional responses in students and encourage them to pursue topics that they’re passionate about.

The method allows students to showcase their learning to their peers. Students benefit not only from receiving information through digital stories but also from making digital stories that feature their experiences and learnings. The many aspects of creating a digital story improve students’ technical skills and hone research and writing skills as well.

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