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TIC Collaborative

Belgium’s Docs TIC Collaborative

TIC Collaborative is a Virtual Research Environment for the study of 19th and early 20th century international organizations and congresses. The VRE applies the principle of scholarly crowdsourcing and offers access to digitized dispersed sources in a central observatory. The platform includes a (1) digital asset management system which will allow the research community to share, annotate and enrich a wide variety of documents, letters, photographs, etc. and (2) a collaborative relational database (in order to process the data for social network analysis, prosopography, etc.). It thus integrates digitized primary sources concerning international congresses (e.g. conference proceedings, reports, lectures and attendees lists), international organizations, and other published and unpublished sources (e.g. yearbooks, periodicals, articles of association, pamphlets, and memoirs).

Year of implementation Ongoing
Target Researchers, scholars

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