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Snapshot Stebbins

USA’s Docs Snapshot Stebbins

The Stebbins Cold Canyon Natural Reserve collects wildlife photos via motion-sensor cameras. Crowdsourcers help find and ID their local wildlife. These data are being collected to inform the reserve staff on the types of animals that occupy the reserve lands, the frequency and timing of their presence, and their spatial distribution across the reserve.

These data will also be used in conjunction with trail counter information in an effort to determine the spatial distribution and movement of wildlife as it is impacted by high visitor use. In addition to informing managers and the public about wildlife movement and presence, the creation of refugia for wildlife in the vicinity of hiking trails might be a future management consideration to mitigate negative public use impacts. The project is a case study to inspire crowdsourcing of snapshots in any everyday field of interest.

Type of practice/case Researchers biologists, University of California
Year of implementation Ongoing
Language English
Target General public and scholars

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