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Re-Brain Greece

Greece’s Docs Re-Brain Greece

Rebrain Greece is an “inter-ministerial interdisciplinary voluntary initiative for the technological transformation of the labour market and the halting of the Brain Drain”. Its responsibilities include, inter alia, the formulation of an appropriate public policy to stop the drain of workers and scientists in third countries and the adoption of policy measures to adapt workers to the new technological and economic environment. It operates a portal & a consultation digital platform which was created by the Greek firm CrowdPolicy in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs and was designed for the implementation of reliable applications of interactive public information and consultation (Crowdapps). The platform serves both as an information portal and as a platform for consultation and formulation of public policies (crowdsourcing). Its main objective is to inform the public about the planned actions of ReBrain Greece. It operates in combination with promotional activities through social media and informative newsletters of conferences and workshops. Additional technical capabilities are provided, such as the development of a Chatbot digital assistant application, aiming at the interactivity and effective service of visitors and stakeholders of the portal and the consultation platform. Other provisions include on-the-job training and technical support services.

In addition, the platform acts as a forum for digital competitions on issues of national scope/importance, where teams of scientists, experts or groups of them will participate by submitting specific technical proposals in an evaluation process by a high-level committee. It also is the place of registration and connecting of Greeks who want to return to Greece, and businesses interested in staffing specialized specialties and professions that are now uncovered. The initiative represents crowdsourcing in public policy, which indirectly relates to ENTICING crowdsourcing, as it used for knowledge discovery and civic engagement. The platform can act as a technological enabler that can increase speed and ease of participation and ideally as a policy tool or a means of co-production. This approach, also called ‘citizen sourcing’, is often used to accomplish large-scale tasks, find solutions for problems, or to gather information. Its potential as a problem-solving mechanism stems from the fact that both the original creator of the process of solving the problem and the participants in the process (citizens), have mutual and common benefits.

Type of practice/case National initiative, Platform, Portal, Website, Tools, Apps
Year of implementation 2020 (Ongoing)
Language Greek
Target Public, scientists, researchers, experts, academic community, professionals
Notes “Rebrain Greece, a joint initiative by more than 20 high-expertise bodies with 40 scientists, experts, university professors and researchers, is a founding member of the European Digital Society, and operates as an advisory and support institution to the Greek Ministry of Labour. With the support of a network of universities, research institutes, municipalities, scientific institutions of social partners and other organizations, Rebrain Greece aims primarily at formulating smart public policies for the labour market. Among others, the on-going projects concern youth unemployment, agro-digital entrepreneurship, and the pilot project “”GREECE… AGAIN!”” for the repatriation of Greeks with high scientific qualifications.


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