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Picturing Michigan’s Past

USA’s Docs Picturing Michigan's Past

The David V. Tinder Collection of Michigan Photography at the William L. Clements Library consists of over 100,000 images, primarily made up of photographs of everyday life in Michigan taken by both professional and amateur photographers from the 1840s into the mid-twentieth century. The project in ZOONIVERSE PLATFORM makes the real-photo postcards in the collection -and the many revealing snapshots they offer of life in Michigan- digitally available to researchers and the general public, fully searchable and sortable by location (city and county) and descriptive categories. It also shows these collections of cards categories, in a repository with information about Michigan’s past. Humanities methods and research interest about life in the past. Also, crowdsourcers act as researchers: they add comments, descriptions and all necessary metadata about each digitized object.

Type of practice/case Research team of University of Michigan
Year of implementation Ongoing
Language English
Target General public and academics

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