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Katana and Grand Guru: a Game of the Lost Words

European Union’s Docs Katana and Grand Guru: a Game of the Lost Words

Katana and Grand Guru: a Game of the Lost Words is a prototype of a role playing game, which aims to:

        • crowdsource lexical units (including idioms) for a language
        • help the player improve their knowledge of the language

The implementation of the game is focused on non-standardized languages for which the intergenerational transmission is not as efficient as it used to be (such as gaelic). In order to address this, a “Grand Guru” participates from whom the player needs help to fulfill their mission.

The game can be used in the context of Digital Humanities and more specifically, language learning, to foster intergenerational linguistic transmission.

Type of practice/case Digital Τοοl
Year of implementation March 2017 – September 2021
Language English, Gaelic/Irish
Target Researchers, teachers, students
Notes The first iteration of this project was developed during the first hackathon organized by EnetCollect in January 2019. EnetCollect was a large international network aiming at performing the groundwork to set into motion a Research and Innovation trend combining the well-established domain of Language Learning with recent and successful crowdsourcing approaches (funded for 4 years as a COST Action).




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