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Ifigeneia digital educational activities repository

Greece’s Docs Ifigeneia digital educational activities repository

“Ifigeneia”, the “library of educational activities”, contains educational material for the utilization of digital technologies in the educational process. It can be a particularly useful tool for trainers and teachers who participate in the Advanced, B-Level ICT Teacher Training Programme, for finding digital educational material (educational activities/scenarios) for the implementation of practical training/application of the training programme in the classroom.

In this library, teachers have the opportunity to “submit” material (scenarios for educational activities and accompanying material), tagging it with appropriate metadata (e.g. Creator/Author, Rights, Software that utilizes Language, etc.) and to search for material by setting complex search criteria. The structure/organization of the library is based on the following criteria: teacher specialization, level of education, grade, school subject, individual units of the course.

The educational activities are “deposited” in this library in the form of an “educational package”, which includes a description of an educational scenario, student worksheets and other file(s), if required, for the application of the above educational scenario in the classroom or an online teaching situation.

Also, it is possible to include other material, that is judged by the creator or, more generally, by the teacher who “deposits” the educational activity, either necessary for the implementation of the present activity in the classroom or appropriate to come to the attention of the potential user-teacher. The “educational package” does not include the tool(s) or title(s) of educational software that is/are being used.

The project represents crowdsourcing in education, which directly relates to ENTICING crowdsourcing, by focusing on digital educational material and activities and applying digital tools. The digital platform of the project is a typical example of a tool used in crowdsourcing to attract and divide work between participants to achieve a cumulative result.

The fact that the platform acts as a repository of digital educational resources for classroom use bears direct relevance to the ENTICING online repository which will complement the ENTICING course and will serve as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to a wide variety of relevant and pertinent information about available best practices and initiatives in Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing projects.

Type of practice/case National Initiative, Platform, Website, Repository
Year of implementation Ongoing
Language Greek
Target Teachers, students, researchers, educators
Notes CTI is a cutting edge organization supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education. CTI is the technological pillar for the support of ICT in education; it is responsible for the publishing of printed and electronic materials, and for the administration of the Greek School Network. Among its main goals is to conduct basic and applied research in ICT.

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