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Greece’s Docs e-sisifos

The project e-Sisifos: Digital Chronicle of Corinthian Folklore, is part of the action “RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE” and aims to create a new interactive web portal (portal) in which users (cultural institutions, cultural institutions, of Folklore etc.) will post archival material in digital form, through crowdsourcing techniques bearing a folkloric sign. Crowdsourcing contributors provide multimodal content of oral, written art and artifact Corinthian tradition such as tales, proverbs, songs, dances, local customs and practices etc.

There are also presented online archaeological sites and other sites of religious or ecological interest. Not only most of the site’s repository content is relevant to the Humanities area, but also the crowdsourcers act as researchers: they add comments, descriptions and all necessary metadata about each digitized object. In addition, e-learning platform of e-sisifos project teaches crowdsourcing practices to school pupils and invites them to crowdsource with elements of their local history and culture.

Type of practice/case The project is part of the action “RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE”, a national and european project. It contains a website with a crowdsourcing online repository about Corinthian culture, and an e-learning platform with Courses about crowdsourcing practices.
Year of implementation 2020
Language Greek
Target Local crowdsourcers and schools



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