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The crowdsource project in ZOONIVERSE PLATFORM asks for help to transcribe the manuscript notebooks of Sir Humphry Davy – one of the most significant and famous figures in the scientific and literary culture of early nineteenth-century Britain, Europe, and America. In his notebooks, Davy didn’t see the arts and the sciences as ‘two cultures’.

In these manuscripts, we see poetry and chemical enquiry combined: both offered, for Davy, important ways of exploring the mysteries of the world around him. The site’s content is relevant to the Humanities area and the crowdsourcers act as researchers: they add comments, descriptions and all necessary metadata about each digitized object.

Type of practice/case Research team from Department of English Literature and Creative Writing, Lancaster University, University College London, University of Manchester. It is a crowdsourcing project tool in Zooniverse.
Year of implementation Ongoing
Language English
Target General public and scholars

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