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Crowdsourcing in cultural heritage

Cyprus’s Docs Crowdsourcing in cultural heritage

The aims of this study, within the framework of Common Culture Activity 6, are to:

    1. Determine current and planned approaches and practices within the Europeana aggregation ecosystem in relation to crowdsourced metadata and content.
    2. Investigate, as comprehensively as possible, past and existing DCH crowdsourcing initiatives across Europe, systematically describing their status and gaining a sound understanding of current practices.
    3. Assess the feasibility, desirability and challenges faced in any effort to strengthen the pipeline from such initiatives to enable ingestion of their metadata or access to their content through Europeana.
    4. Provide recommendations and guidelines for consideration by Europeana, aggregators and Cultural Heritage Institutions.
    5. Support the creation of training materials for the Europeana ecosystem in terms of any agreed interaction with Europeana around crowdsourced assets and deliver this by suitable means (e.g. webinars, Europeana Pro). The study focuses on Cultural Heritage which is a category of Humanities. It relates to use of crowdsourcing metadata and content.
Type of practice/case Study
Year of implementation 2020
Language English
Target Crowdsourcing in Europe

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