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Greece’s Docs CrowdcollEKT

CrowdcollEKT is the first online platform for crowdsourcing, extroversion and interactivity applied to a wealth of information and data from Libraries, Museums, Research Repositories, Universities, Municipalities and Regions, Public Administration, etc. The goal of crowdcollEKT is to establish an innovative and sustainable mechanism for participation, re-use and creative exploitation of content.

The platform supports the enhancement of the quality of research and communication carried out in the academic and scientific world and in the re-use of authoritative digital content from a broader range of categories users. CrowdcollEKT provides users, through the web platform as well as related mobile applications (Android, IOS, Windows), four services:

  1. Single Integrated Search Service at EKT’s digital repositories for the general public (more than 150 sources with the possibility of adding new bases based on the needs of the institution)
  2. Integrated Search service and Bibliographic References (citations) for researchers and scientists
  3. Personalized Digital Content Search and Contribution Service based on the location/location of the user
  4. Service for the Creation and Management of Digital Collections

The project represents crowdsourcing in a number of humanities-related fields, such as digital libraries, museums, research repositories, universities, which directly relates to ENTICING crowdsourcing, as it accumulates a wealth of digital content that can be used for educational purposes in humanities subjects.

Type of practice/case National initiative, Website
Year of implementation 2015
Language English, Greek
Target Researchers, academic community, students, tourists, professionals, those who have archives, databases, repositories and want to provide services
Notes The crowdcollEKT platform was developed within the framework of the “National Information System for Research and Technology / Social Networks – User Generated Content” Action implemented by the National Documentation Centre within the framework of the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence” (NSRF), co-financed by Greece and the European Union – European Regional Development Fund.

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