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Aphrodite’s Sisters Crowdsourcing Platform

Cyprus’s Docs Aphrodite’s Sisters Crowdsourcing Platform

The aim of the this crowdsourcing project is to gather different images from Aphrodite of Soloi from Cyprus. An iconic image for Cyprus that is found in every Cypriot passport.

People can go on the platform and upload an image of the Aphrodite or a copy of it in any material (a statue, a poster, a piece of jewelry, a passport, or any other product).

The team will collect all submissions and present it in an exhibition in London in July 2022.


Type of practice/case National initiative
Year of implementation 2022
Language English, Greek
Target Public, researchers, artists, educators, students
Notes The project is part of “Creative Commissions 2022” and will be presented at the Cyprus High Commission in London.

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