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Aesopos platform

Greece’s Docs Aesopos platform

The “Aesopos” platform was developed by the Institute of Educational Policy and is an innovative integrated tool for the development, design, writing, evaluation and presentation of Digital Interactive Teaching Scripts in a modern and functional environment.
Specifically, the “Aesopos” Platform supports the design and exploitation of existing digital material using a large number of interactive tools utilizing the latest web technologies.

The digital material can be transformed and fully adapted to the structure of digital teaching scenarios, as the creator can use the available tools individually and in combination, depending on his/her imagination, making assignments with teaching objectives, thematic taxonomies, implementation phases, etc.

The project represents crowdsourcing in education, which directly relates to ENTICING crowdsourcing, by focusing on digital educational material and activities and applying digital tools. The digital platform of the project is a typical example of a tool used in crowdsourcing to attract and divide work between participants to achieve a cumulative result. The fact that the platform acts as a repository of digital educational resources for classroom use bears direct relevance to the ENTICING online repository which will complement the ENTICING course and will serve as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to a wide variety of relevant and pertinent information about available best practices and initiatives in Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing projects.

Type of practice/case Successful national case study, Digital Tool, Website
Language Greek
Target teachers, students, researchers, educators

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